About Us

Basics (Baseless And Sensible Ideas that can Change System) is a group of some young ignited minds who have decided to make a student’s career the way they dream of! We focus on career counselling and mentorship for all the needy students by providing magazines which have all that a student needs. We have organized successful events, mentorship assistance program for one to one counselling. Basics Eduventures is now focusing to affect the complete educational community and hence, we are at all social media platforms with Our reach to be more than in 10 states of the country. We publish magazines, organize online and offline events, guide and train the students for a successful career, all to make the educational infrastructure more powerful.


Our team is completely dedicated to fill up the leaks in the educational path of any student’s journey. Our mission is to make every student aware of his/her career and more equipped with available resources. The youth can change the world on their own but only when they are empowered with the knowledge of real world and a have access to what they desire of. We focus to become their partner which would be guiding them their way with best possible chances for them. We aim to provide best guidance for the career any student can dream and opt for. We believe that if our youth is clear about their future, then the education would be truly meaningful.


We have a vision of future with where Education would make a person complete to go in the path of their dreams instead of a satisfactory life. We act as a bridge for the students and their dreams. We want to spread ourselves to all the needy sections of this educational society for making it better and powerful. Academics hold the upper hand in anyone’s life but it has lost the essence in today’s system. We are looking to help every student to leave this paradox of traditional system and live with latest opportunities.


Along with publishing of Magazine, we have a seminar cum discussion session where experts from all the fields come to guide the students for a better career opportunity. Last year, We had Updesha 2k17 where we invited the professionals with exceptional achievements in the academic career. Counsellors for IIT-JEE, CA, Medical, Law fields came as speakers and their words had remarkable effect for the attending peoples as it was first and one of a kind event held in Sehore, MP. The event went to huge success when follow up came as requests for more such events and guidance seminars.

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